Crazy Sweet
201 West College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54911
(920) 944-8010
Sweet Dreams Realized at Crazy Sweet

Crazy Sweet is run by two business savvy sweethearts, Mary Kelley and Dale Ver Voort.

An art director and designer by trade, Dale’s dreams of opening a candy store began with a visit to the New York confectionary Dylan’s Candy Bar 10 years ago. Dale moved back to the Fox Valley after a 25 year absence, put his plan into action and his vision has finally come to life. Talk about your dream come true!

Business ownership also comes naturally to Mary who put her accounting background to good use when she developed her own line of natural body care. Operating since 2003 under the name, “Heal My Sole” look for her soaps, lotions and other skin care products in the store while feeding your chocolate fix.

Today, they delight in bringing tasty sweets to the streets of Appleton, Wisconsin. No matter what your age or taste, they have something for you.

“I think people have a natural desire for sweets,” Dale says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re five or eighty-five, candy makes people smile.”

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